A New Gold Standard: Laser lipolysis advances are expanding body contouring applications

Dr. Edward B. Lack, MD recently wrote an article for Healthy Aging, a publication that “provides unbiased information so that physicians can help their patients look good and feel good as they age”.  The topic was on laser-assisted lipolysis (LAL) an ever growing trend since its introduction in 2006.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed surgical cosmetic procedures; however, liposuction is traumatic and results in postoperative pain, edema and bruising. For surgeons, the procedure can be time-consuming and strenuous.

Advances in laser lipolysis are redefining body contouring, allowing surgeons to remove unwanted fat with greater precision and ease. Using laser lipolysis as an adjunct to liposuction, surgeons can now sculpt chiseled abs, contour below the chin and treat contour irregularities and fibrosis from previous liposuction.

Laser-assisted lipolysis (LAL) offers the advantages of skin tightening, adipocyte lysis, improved fascial retraction and faster wound healing with less morbidity. These advantages are opening the doors to emerging applications, such as laser-assisted facelifts and cellulite reduction, which traditionally have been difficult

to achieve with standard liposuction. As physicians find news ways to use the technology, laser lipolysis is becoming a gold standard of subcutaneous contouring.

Dr. Edward B. Lack, MD, is president of MetropolitanMD, a multispecialty medical/surgical clinic in Chicago. He is a past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and is a past board member of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Go to Healthy Aging to read the full article.


Medical Spa Society Announces New President

Francis Acunzo CEO of Acara, an aesthetic medical practice management & marketing company, was voted in as president of the Medical Spa Society.

Branford, CT (Vocus/PRWEB ) April 7, 2010 — On April 5, 2010 Francis Acunzo, CEO of Acara was appointed as the new president of the Medical Spa Society, an organization dedicated to raising and upholding the level of professionalism practiced within the cosmetic practice and medical spa industry through professional and consumer education.

News Image

“I look forward to working with Francis to further the success of The Medical Spa Society,” says Bruce Katz, MD, chairman of the Medical Advisory Board for the Medical Spa Society. “Francis has been at the forefront of the medical spa industry since its inception. The Medical Spa Society will surely benefit from his strong leadership skills, expertise in the industry, and depth of knowledge and experience in business development and strategy.”

Read the entire announcement here…

It Can Be Done Without You: the Non-Physician Consultation

There are elements of a cosmetic practice that have to be actively managed in order to insure success.  The marketing process to drive leads and the sales process to take those leads and convert them to patients are two of the most important.

I’d like to touch on the sales process.  I speak regularly with physicians that believe they need to personally conduct each sales consultation;  I believe that this is not true.  I actually believe, based upon Acara’s extensive experience, that a cosmetic practice will do much better if the consultations are conducted by a trained patient coordinator.

Let me explain.

The goal of the marketing program is to drive leads to the practice.  The first goal of the sales system is to convert as many of the leads as possible into consultations.  What you don’t want your team doing is screening leads or conducting consultations by phone.  This will limit just how many potential patients walk in your front door to visit your practice.

If you have an effective marketing program and a team that is really good at converting leads into consultations you will end up conducting many consultations each day, hopefully at least 5 and oftentimes more.

In addition to conducting numerous consultations each day it is important to be following up with leads and unclosed consultations.  This is all part of managing the sales pipeline to build the business stronger.

As I’m describing this process, does anyone reading this actually think the physician should be doing this job?  Of course, oftentimes, the physician will stop into a consultation for a few minutes to provide his/her opinion or if necessary (when the physician is not available during the time of a consultation) a pre-op visit needs to be scheduled prior to the procedure being performed.

This past summer I was speaking at a conference and a physician asked me (skeptically) how can you do lipo consults without the physician.  I proceeded to describe how we recommend the consult being conducted.  He actually hired Acara soon thereafter and we implemented a non-physician consultation process.  It took a few months for it to really begin to take hold (culture shift) but once it did…the practice doubled its sales and this month it will have its record sales month in the 20 year history of the practice.

Even in a practice where the focus is on a non-physician approach to consultations you still have physician consultations taking place.  Typically for more involved procedures such as face lifts or when a potential patient requests a consult with the physician.  We always recommend that there is a charge for the consultations that require dedicated time with the physician.  When a consultation is scheduled with a patient coordinator it is important that it is complimentary.  The more potential patient flow through the practice the more visibility for the practice.

It would be great for others to share their success stories concerning this topic, please feel free to post.


Is There a Light at the End of This Long Dark Economic Tunnel?

For the past few weeks Acara has received a much higher than normal number of inquiry calls from people seeking to open a medical spa or add cosmetic procedures to their medical practice.

Are people beginning to believe there is a light at the end of this long dark economic tunnel we’ve been doing business in?  Not sure, but to me, it seems to be a small yet encouraging indication of the business confidence in the world of aesthetic medicine.

Tomorrow I am hosting a webinar “Opening a Successful MedSpa or Cosmetic Medical Practice“.  For all of you thinking about embarking on a new business or business expansion, please join me.  It will be approximately 1 hour and there will be a Q&A session at the end.


Business Leader Attributes for Success in 2010

I asked the Acara team “what business leader attributes (qualities, skills or characteristics) do the top Medical Spa Owners or Aesthetic Medical Physician Owners have that helped them to generate success for their business?”  They came back with the following list of 10 Business Leader Attributes:

  1. Listen and Communicate: with the experts you hire, your team and your customers.
  2. Motivate Your Team: Set goals and provide incentive when the team achieves the goals.
  3. Be Passionate, Driven & Committed: its hard work and it takes dedication to make a business successful.
  4. Insist on Quality: always raise the bar.
  5. Stay on Trend: be the market leader with new procedures and treatments.
  6. Invest in Your Business: marketing, facility, team; all necessary investments to grow a business.
  7. Lead by Example: your team will mirror your behavior to each other and your clients.
  8. Be Customer Centric: this should be an obsession; every decision needs to be customer focused.
  9. Be Consistent in day-to-day operations, sales & marketing of your business
  10. Focus on Training & Education: a highly skilled team is invaluable in building your business stronger.

Acara succeeds when our Medical Spa/Aesthetic Practice clients succeed.  This success is always a combination of Acara’s proven team and tools in the areas of operations, sales and marketing with many of the above attributes.

All of our successful clients have many traits from the above list.  They are leaders in the industry.  We just posted a few new testimonials…

Client Testimonials

“Acara does outstanding work in all areas of their field. They are true professionals, very creative and deliver top quality results. We have worked with them for over 10 years and will continue to do so in the future. I recommend them very highly.
Bruce E.Katz, M.D., Medical Director Juva Skin & Laser Center, New York, NY

“In just 8 month Enhanced Images sales have doubled working with Acara.”
Bruce Marko, M.D., Medical Director Enhanced Images, Charlotte, NC

“Because we built a solid relationship with an industry mentor like Acara, and a workable business and marketing platform to begin with, it has allowed us to survive and flourish when others in our area have not.“
Paula Young RN, co-owner, Young Medical Spa, Center Valley, PA

Read More Here


Acara’s Top Ten Aesthetic Practice & MedSpa Business Tips for 2010

To jumpstart 2010 I had the Acara team analyzed the collection of business tactics we recommended to our clients in 2009.  The goal of the exercise was to identify which tactics achieved the greatest impact on client revenue and profits.

As I mentioned in a previous post, 2009 was a very successful year for our clients.  Many of them including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, non-core physicians and non-physician owned medical spas experienced strong increases in their sales and profits.   The top ten list of business tips below represent the tactics that had the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

Top Ten Aesthetic Practice & Medspa Business Tips for 2010

1. Follow-up – Follow-up – Follow-up
Your team needs to consistently follow-up with leads, unclosed consults & existing clients.  Top aesthetic practices are very good at managing their sales pipeline.

2. Stick to the Plan!
Develop and implement a bi-monthly marketing plan with a budget.  Be disciplined with this business practice, without a plan you will not achieve your sales goals.

3. Capture All Leads
Your reception team needs to document the name, phone number and e-mail address of each individual that calls interested in your services (a lead).  In addition, every lead needs to be asked, “How did you hear about us?” and the information diligently documented.

4. Set Goals
Establish yearly and monthly sales & operating goals and track them through your monthly financial statements with budget comparisons.

5. Hold Monthly Events
Hold a monthly educational seminar open to the public (this is not a party it is a selling activity) either at your location or, if you expect a crowd, off-site.

6. Maximize Your Website
Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your Website and insure it has a lead capture form, phone number on every page, customer testimonials and before & after images

7. Staff to Market Demand
Staff your business according to customer demand specifically on the best days of the week and times of day.

8. Distribute Online SEO Optimized Press Releases
Once per month write, search engine optimize and distribute an Online Press Release that includes logo image, before & after photos and video tied back to your YouTube account.

9. Market with R&R
Implement a repeat & referral program, eventually it will help reduce your monthly marketing spend.

10. Prioritize Your Business Decisions
Ask yourself the following question prior to spending time or money on any new business initiative, tactic, medical procedure, technology, program, etc.  “Will this make money for the practice and increase customer satisfaction?”  If you answer yes to both parts of this question, then make it a high priority.  If you answer yes to only one part of this question, then make it a lower priority.  If you answer no to this question, then stop and do not allocate any company resources.

To hear me review and discuss these Top Ten Tips in further detail join me online January 26th at 1:00 p.m. EST as I present our Top Ten Aesthetic Practice & MedSpa Business Tips for 2010 during a live Webinar.


Is your client gone because of the economy or your advertising?

Before you read this please view the above 2 minute video, if nothing else it is worth a good laugh!

So, what are you saying about your brand? Are you a medical cosmetic practice that sounds desperate? Is your med spa marketing all about discounts?  Is it all about YOU?…and not your clients. Do you even know what your clients think – especially your female clients? Have you started a two way dialogue using social media like Facebook or Twitter?

According to Statistics from the Marketing to Women’s Conference:

66% of women feel misunderstood by health care marketers

91% of women feel misunderstood by advertisers

Take a look in the mirror and be honest. If you need help with a realistic assessment or implementing a cosmetic medical practice social media strategy – give me a shout.

Deb Roberts


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