Selling, the Highest Form of Customer Service

I looked online for a definition of “selling” and here is what I found.  Selling: to persuade or induce others to buy.

This definition is simple and understandable but it does not reflect what truly occurs within the best medical spas and aesthetic practices throughout the world.  I believe the Acara definition does…

Selling: the act of discovering client needs and identifying the most appropriate solutions.

It is based upon this definition that I always say “selling is the highest form of customer service”.

If you are not working diligently through a consultation and diagnostic process to discover what your client needs then you are doing a “dis-service” to your clients.  Selling, as in accordance with my definition, is truly the highest form of customer service.

To learn in detail about Acara’s Sales System, join our Sales Guru, Sandi Unkur starting next Tuesday February 9th for three consecutive weeks as she conducts a 3 session training:

Sales & Consultation Secrets: Training for the Aesthetic Medical Professional


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