Acara Marketing Tip: How to Create an Integrated Online Marketing Strategy for Cosmetic Practices

Today successful cosmetic practices and businesses need a complete approach to online marketing. A website just doesn’t cut it anymore – you need a well planned strategy to reach and retain your target audience.

The Social Media World of a Cosmetic Practice or Medical Spa

The Social Media World of a Cosmetic Practice or Medical Spa

Follow Acara’s Essential Marketing Steps:

  • Attract: Drive quality patients to your website.
    • How? SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click advertising), Directories, Customer Reviews, Blogging, Social Media, PR, Video
  • Retain: Keep the conversation going after prospective patients / clients have left your site.
    • How? Email Marketing, Social Media, Video, PR
  • Convert: Get visitors to take action while on your site.
    • How? Phone Number on Every Page of Site, Lead Capture Form
  • Measure: Analyze your traffic. Adjust and improve as needed for optimal results.
    • How? Track with Google Analytics

What works for you? Share your tips… and feel free to contact us if you need help with your online marketing strategy.

— Deb

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